Returning Members Sign-Up Error

Hello Celeb parents,

It appears that I have sent bad instructions to you regarding the need to reapply on our booster volunteer website. I now realize that the system has kept all of your previous year's info. If you need to make any changes to emails or contact numbers, please do so. Otherwise, you are all set here.

Don't forget that you MUST still apply with LISD to be a volunteer for the 2016/2017 school year. I will get a list from them and figure out how to prohibit those who have not been approved from working with our girls.

Thanks for your understanding as I transition over to the new volunteer coordinator position. This is only our second year to use this website, so there may be a learning curve as I go through Lisa's notes (fabulous BTW) and make adjustments.

Also, it appears that my personal gmail account has been bouncing back some blank messages to several of you. UGH!! If there is a gmail guru out there- help. I may just end up creating a new account...

As always, please email or text me with any questions or concerns you may have.

Thank you!!

Kim Klement

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