Volunteer Application Instructions

Dear Celebrity Parents,

As most of you know, our 2015/2016 volunteer applications became inactive this past week. It’s now time to start the process for our volunteer approval for the 2016/2017 school year.

Please take a moment to go online and reapply so that we may start the year off with a full volunteer base. It is a 2 step process - apply with LISD and then apply with the Celebrities. I will cross match all parents so that we are sure to be in compliance with the district requirements and for what we need as a booster club. I will have a current approved list with me at our first booster meeting this August, so don’t delay and be on the naughty list…

Step 1. Apply with LISD

**All current LISD volunteers are required to reactivate their volunteer application. Enter your current user name and password and select reactivate. Please take a moment to update your child’s grade and campus for next year, any address, phone, or email changes, along with your volunteer years of service.

Step 2. Register with the Celebrities


**This allows us to provide you with sign-ups for our events. I will go into the system and approve you as an active volunteer once I have matched you up with the LISD approved roster. We will use this website for all of our volunteer opportunities, some direct emailings and any other needs/info that Stacy wants me to communicate.

Thank you for your help!!

Kim Klement

Volunteer Coordinator

(Kate’s Mom)

Questions? Contact me directly at klement4@gmail.com

Text at 972.754.9733 - please include your name